Outdoor Locations In Parkville

There are a lot of cities in Missouri, but one that is pretty exceptional is Parkville. Parkville has quite a few attractions that any nature lover will enjoy. For some fun and fresh air, check out these Parkville locations.

A section of Parkville operates as a nature sanctuary for the preservation of wildlife. Parkville’s Nature Sanctuary is run by volunteers and spans 115 acres. There are three miles of trails for visitors to hike on where they can see the full beauty of nature. Visitors can also make reservations to stay at The Shelter for three hours while in the Sanctuary.

English Landing Park is one of the most attractive areas in Parkville. The park is 68 acres and has a lot to do. Anyone fancying a good walk can get it on the trails, there’s a playground for the kids, areas to have picnics, a course for playing disc golf, and a sand field for volleyball. There’s even an area for boat ramps. While walking on the trail, visitors can see the lovely Missouri River. Visitors can also rent space for their specific events.

One of the newer parks in Parkville, Platte Landing Park, is actually adjacent to the famous English Landing Park. There are two miles worth of trails in the 140 acre park. Visitors with dogs can actually take them off the leash in one area. For people who want access to the river, there is a boat ramp. There are more plans for the future of the park, including wetland restoration and areas for visitors to play soccer and baseball.

There’s also another nature sanctuary for people in Parkviille to visit. Sullivan Nature Sanctuary can be found north of Platte Landing and was donated to Parkville by the Sullivan family. Two trails found in the sanctuary were named after the family’s daughters, and one was named after the mother. Over the years, the sanctuary has expanded from 3.03 acres to 7.63 acres.

A more neighborhood focused park, Watkins Park, is found near Main Street in Parkville. This park has a walking trail, play area for horseshoes and swings, a mini basketball court, and a picnic area for gathering. There is also a shelter but no reservations can be made for it, as whoever gets there first can use it. The park is named after Bruce Watkins by his family, a city council member who is well known in the area.

The next time you’re in Parkville and need something to do, check out one of the parks or nature sanctuaries. You’re guaranteed to have a relaxing experience.